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Janis Ledwell-Hunt

Fish Tapestry

Fish Tapestry

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I created my first macrame fish in 2018, and designed this piece shortly thereafter. Since then, I've had the honour of recreating this fish tapestry for many homes and businesses. This piece was the reason I was offered a solo art exhibition, and it's also responsible for the growth of my macrame supply business, Unfettered Supply. So, suffice it to say, much has come from a once-upon-a-time creative whim to design a macrame fish. I've remained committed to exploring differently knotted fish since this design was first conceived. Macrame, knotted, and fiber-sculpted fish have become the sort of obsession that can only be explained as living in DNA. 

Creative Process

There's a fairly intensive process involved with making this tapestry. I knot around each individual strand of recycled cotton with a very fine  yarn. This gives the water its sparkle and allows me to retain definitive colour blocking between segments of the piece. I then knot differently-sized fish around custom welded metal frames designed to grant the fish the weight they need for a strong drape. From there, I blend and use indigo dyes for the trimmings of piece: a way help the fish pop with contrast from their background, but also to represent them enmeshed in watery streams. 



I've made this piece to suit many different spaces and it can be easily adapted to different length and width requirements, but I have found that 24" wide is the minimum amount of space I need to populate the piece and retain its aesthetic. As you can see from the photos, the length of the tapestry is variable (it's designed in a choppy line for effect). The given length dimension refers to the longest tail's longest string 



Recycled cotton, alpaca wool, steel, treated driftwood 

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